Guaranteed authentic Porcelain since 1980.



Welcome to the wonderful world of Sabadin’s figurines.
Rich with the emotion and drama that are hallmarks of a truly accomplished scultptor, the exquisite Sabadin’s figurines are among the finest handcrafted porcelains in the world. These beautifully executed sculptures are fired at 1.200 degrees ( not cold-cast ) and contain no resine.
Delicacy of features and perfection of shapes are the mark of distinction of this collection.


White and gold collection is the most popular among Sabadin’s production.
The brightness of the gold 24 karats is enriched by Swarovsky crystals and stones. The quality of made in Italy porcelain together with the value of gold and swarovsky create very original and precious artistic pieces, which become suitable for any interior decoration.


Platinum collection is the modern branch of Sabadin’s creations.
The contrast between the white of porcelain material and platinum colour is very effective. What is more, the sparkling of crystal stones makes an inimitable effetct of lights and shadows.
Here you can view only a small part of our samples, but all statues in our catalogue can be made in white and platinum decoration.


White vintage is a new entry in Sabadin’s collections.
This decoration shows up more than any other the putity of Porcelain and loveliness of our figurines. This particular way of painting makes you say that Porcelain is the best material to re-create human features. Finally, vintage effect makes this collection excellent for any classic furniture.
All pieces can be made in white vintage decoration.